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Choose from the wide range of skill to crack the ultimate code of success in the social media world.

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First step in online business.

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Second step in online business.

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Third step in online business.

Dream Mission Entrepreneurship Packages

Choose the wide range of skills to solve your concerns and crack the ultimate code of success in an online business.

10 skills - 9999/-

Game development

App development

Web development

Web Coding (HTML+CSS)



Stock Market



Ethical hacking

10 skills - Price 5999/-


Crack any interview

GST tally

MSCIT Part 2

AI content creation mastery

Sales mastery

Blogging mastery

Animation video creation

Verbal and non verbal influence

Fiverr mastery

10 skills - Price 2999/-

Digital marketing

Personality development

Public speaking

All ads courses

Graphic design

Youtube mastery

Reel editing

Personal branding

Ethical sales

MS-CIT Part 1

Students Videos


Our vision is to solve your financial related concerns by providing you a powerful e-learning platform that'll not only help you master highly demanded digital skills but also teach you and provide you an online business to earn through it by working with us.


Our mission is to solve your concerns. Are you a student who wants to support your parents financially & manage your own expenses? Then, we'll help you with that.. Are you a job person who is struggling in satisfying your family demands and not having a financial plan for safe future? Then,we'll help you with that.. Are you a housewife who want to create your own identity & support your family.. Then, we'll help you with that.. Are you a business owner who is struggling in building social media presence and making sales. Then,we'll help you with that.. To solve your concern..

Why Choose Us?

An easy-to-use platform that connects you to the right education system.


Learn at your own pace, move between multiple courses, or switch to a different course.


Master yourself in every field so that more doors will open to you for your future.


Its not money that makes money, its knowledge that makes money.


You Can Earn A Massive Income & You Can Become Financially Independent.





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Frequently Asked Questions

Dream Mission is the India's first Ethical EdTech platform which not only provides you highly demanded skills that are necessary in todays world but also, work for the skills you mastered on our platform.
Dream Mission provides you opportunity to earn money online in 4 ways: (1) You can earn here for doing small tasks for our organization (2) You can earn here by mastering atleast one skill and we will pay you through contract for those skills (3) You will also get paid for consulting our products to anyone. We pay you upto 70% commission for that. (4) You can guide to a newbie and we will pay you for that too.
We are the only platform in the marketing industry which is not only providing skills but also employment for those skills that you learn on our platform. We are also providing daily income for doing small tasks for us and support income for mentoring others.
We provide same day payout.
We believe in giving quality education. We are only providing those skills that will help you get a good job or become a successful entrepreneur.
Yes it’s a government registered platform. Dream Mission comes under Mr. Aman Shrivas and Mr. Rishav Kumar.
Well, there are many. First, the product (Online courses that improve your skills and we assure you of content quality ). Second, you get a special affiliate link through which you affiliate the Products and get commission from your connection for any purchase made. Third, we pay you daily for doing small tasks for our organization and learning skills. Fourth, we give you employment on contract basis when you master one skill. Fifth, we also pay you support income for teaching those skills to others.
You will get consulting income within 3 hours of sale. Daily income on regular basis. Contract income after you complete contract and support income after you give support and teach to a newbie for first 10 days.
You can make as much as sales as you can. The consulting income should be paid on the basis of your sale. For daily income you have to complete trainings and report your work to our organization and it is depending on business plan. Contract income and support income you will get when you complete contract or you give support to a newbie for 10 days and these are also depending on your plans.
You get access to our official application and website instantly. Videos access will be given on our official app.
That will not gonna happen here at all. Because we are paying support income to your sponsor for mentoring you. In case if he failed to give you time, we will appoint another sponsor to support you. You can also directly contact the company on [email protected] or you can connect companys CEO Aman Shrivas on instagram amanshrbiz or on WhatsApp at 8007603582.
Yes you can upgrade your plan any time.

Aman Shrivas (CEO & Founder)

Have 2+ years experience in sales and marketing.. Not only taken trainings from 6 national and international trainers but also helped more than 1000+ people to earn online successfully.


Rishav Kumar (Founder)

Started his sales and marketing journey at just age of 14 in 2021, he is also the youngest sales and IG expert and was former founder & sales trainer of team ASUV. Till date, he helped more than 100 people to change their lives.


Parkash S (CMO)

Started his sales and marketing journey at just age of 14 , he is the youngest sales trainer having an year of experience in sales and marketing and was former founder & sales trainer of team ASUV. Till date, he helped more than 100 people to change their lives.


"I started my journey a few days ago, and to be honest, words cannot express how happy I am. Dream mission not only assisted me in becoming financially independent, but also in improving my overall career development. This platform offers high-skill development courses as well as numerous other benefits that are priceless. I consider myself fortunate to be a part of this capable and fantastic platform. It also improved my leadership abilities, which gave me confidence and boosted my personality traits. Thank you so much!!!! Dream mission".

- Sumit Tiwari

I am a college student. Being struck by the covid the sense of unpredictability panicked me, and probably when and it was then I started looking for online opportunities to work from home and enhance my skills. Dream mission came as miracle then. I have been grateful that i have found this platform which has been helping me since day 1. Not only has it made me rich in skills but also given me an opportunity to be financially independent.

- Richa rathore

Aman sir is the only person in the entire marketing industry, i should say who always supported me in my growth. Recently, i became part of dreammission and let me tell you, this organization is not at all similar like other organizations. When it comes to teaching trending skills, support to giving employment for those skills, i should say Dream Mission is my first choice for number of reasons.. First, they are providing next level skills and the best part is, aman sir and his team give their personal time to us in upgrading our skills.. Second, unlike other organizations he never looked for his profit.. But, he is the person who care about people, helping them achieving their goals and he is helping me too.. I would like to thank aman sir for establishing such an amazing organization that thinks about people because of him i am successfully earning daily.

- Happy rajput, Haryana

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